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Second post in a week! This is practically unheard of. Tonight I have a review of Morgan Taylor’s ‘Little Misfit’, from the Glam Rock collection, plus what I am terming some oil-slick-y nail art. Blog post!

I’m reviewing Morgan Taylor ‘Polished Up Punk’ from the Glam Rock collection on my blog tonight…with nail art, obviously. Usually I’d say more stuff but why is it 3am already?!

A wee Scottish-ish (tartan & Argyle) skittle mani for Burns’ night. My blog post also includes a review of Born Pretty Store’s striping tape - you can use my discount code, HZL91, if you’d like to purchase anything from the BPS shop.

More importantly(!) our haggis burst while it was cooking…so no Burns’ supper for us! I am pretty devastated right now.

Nail art! Yeah! I’m calling these Baroque ‘n’ Roll…at least I amuse myself. Also I really like these nails.

There is a glut of photos and all the information about what I used blah blah blah on my blog.

P.S. Thanks to all the people who are still here despite me not posting in a wee while!

Hiii! I’m so pleased I finally have some new nail art to share! I haven’t worn leopard print nails in the longest time but I still love them and weirdly, I’ve really enjoyed sporting some neutral colours. So out of character. The neon studs probably make up for it, though, right? You can find a full review of the studs on my blog, along with more details about this mani and a discount code! Woo!

Leaving for the airport in circa four hours and I am absolutely not ready, but here’s a super speedy blog post anyway! Also, I will love this shade of blue FOR EVERRR!

Really enjoying wearing this mini messy floral design - I feel like it’s cute without being toooo cute, if you know what I mean? Inspired by the pattern on a wee H&M dress I’ve had for years. More info & photos on the blog. Hope you’re all having a splendid weekend!

'Blue Ikat Beach Tote' nails…catchy name, AMIRIGHT?! Inspired by this bag. More info in my blog post - including on the polishes used, both of which I LOVE. Also…help me think of a better name for this design?!

Hiya pals! I feel that red, orange and pink polishes are somewhat under-represented in my collection, especially opaque cremes - do you have any favourites? Which polishes should I be on the lookout for?

Say hello to my first ever swatch postHIYA MAGICAL MERMAID NAILS. This is Seventeen (by Boots) ‘Cameo Crush’ - two coats, no top coat. Nail art is still absolutely my mainstay, but I loved this polish too much not to share it and I think it deserves to have attention lavished upon it!